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S.Y.K. – Fandisk coming in 3…2…

September 9th, 2009

I’m playing S.Y.K. ~Shinsetsu Saiyuuki~ right now, determined to finish everyone so I can get Gokuu – yes, to get his true ending apparently you need to finish everyone else first! Well, the number of characters is small (3 or 4, I’m not sure if the ‘kakushi’ character counts), so it’s not horrible – just enough to make me determined to do it ASAP!

The game is set up a bit like a TV series – there are 12 chapters, and near the beginning and end of each the theme songs play. Also, there’s a ‘Next episode!’ teaser after each chapter (until you get to the character-specific ones, usually 9 or 10). The first time playing takes much longer than subsequent playthroughs, especially since after the first time, you can choose to completely skip the first two chapters (basically the character intro and setup chapters).

Each chapter is a mix of story dialogue and ‘gameplay’, where you choose a point on a map and then go through events for it. The event is usually someone asking for help, you choosing to help or not, and then choosing which of your comrades will help them. This will increase their affection level, and if it’s successful, your ‘toku’ level will also increase. Toku is kind like the miko level in Hiiro no Kakera, except here I think you can raise it as much as you like. There are also character events, and then the main event of the chapter.

So far my favourite character is Gyokuryuu. Though there’s hardly any romance in his route, he’s touchingly devoted and his story was, for me, the most emotional. And he’s just so cute, with his semi-bloodthirstiness and amorality! That sounds wrong, but once you play you’ll know what I mean (plus, Miyata Kouki is excellent voicing him).

The art is, as you would expect from Otomate, beautiful, both the regular art and the CGs. There’s quite a lot of narration, sometimes I get bored and don’t read all of it, but it definitely gives the story volume. And I *think* they re-used some music from Hiiro no Kakera – I mean to go back and check later, but some of the background music sounds awfully familiar. I don’t really mind, it’s nice music, and they do have several new tracks (and of course the OP and EDs are new).

So far I’m really enjoying it – the guys are all very different, and it’s fun to see their different approaches to solving the same problems. They also do a lot of fighting and joking with each other, and some of the dialogue is quite funny. Also, you find out different things about the guys in each route – since the heroine was actually the original Sanzou Houshi 500 years ago, the four companions are all also reincarnations of the original four…or something like that ;)

Oh yeah, the title of the post? Even after playing for only a few days, I’m sure this game was designed with a fandisk in mind. There are at least 3 characters I’d really like routes for that don’t have them, and at least 2 more that are possibilities.

So fine, Otomate, make your fandisk and I’ll buy it, darn you! I’ll even take a guess at when the fandisk will come out…hmmm…I’ll say January/February 2010.

Anyone else out there playing this? Who’s your fave so far?

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Top 5 Upcoming otome games!

July 8th, 2009

Since I’m still in a lull (since my games still haven’t come yet!! :P) I thought it would be good to do a Top 5 Games preview list for the rest of the summer and fall!

1. Lucian Bee’s – I just can’t wait for this, the ‘undercover’ plot and gameplay look really fun!

2. S.Y.K. – in this game I’m looking forward to the characters the most, even just in the screenshots I’ve seen their interactions look pretty funny.

3. Souten no Kanata – and for pretty art and (hopefully) the epic storyline, I really want to play this. However, it might have to wait a while, since it’s for the PC and I’m trying to save money by not buying PC games…but I dunno, it’s very tempting…

4. Shin Tamayori-hime Denshou HnK 4 – new art, pretty much new story – can’t wait to see how holds up to the first 3.

5. Death Connection – I’m interested to see how this game develops; the premise is definitely new, and the setting too, the game in total could be really cool.

I’m going to do a couple posts on the last two games later (probably when I get next month’s mags with more piccies ^_^), which also happen to be the latest releases. I ordered the list according to which I’m looking forward to most and it’s completely subjective – how does your ‘Most Wanted’ list compare?

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New game from Otomate! – S.Y.K.

March 23rd, 2009

Otomate is on FIRE this year, they’ve just announced another otome game called S.Y.K ~Shinsetsu Saiyuuki~. It’s based on the legend of Saiyuuki that’s been made into several novels, anime, and manga, but this time with a female lead character named Genjou. She’s described as a ‘very serious student-council type’, and she has the huge job of leading her companions, Gokuu, Hakkai, Gojou, and Gyokuryu, who are described as all being ‘problem kids’.

The art, by Nagaoka, looks very nice, here are some scans from B’s Log:
Genjou, the main character
Les boys: Gojou, Gokuu, Gyokuryuu, and Hakkai

Jiroushin, an inhabitant of the heavenly plane

In the game, like the legend, the group is trying to reach Tenjiku, and they have to help people along the way in order to get there.

There are two main stats that you have to build up, one is called ‘toku’ (something like fondness), which you get when deciding who will help you out in each case. If you choose well according to each person’s abilities, you’ll get more. You need a certain amount of toku to continue on your journey and get to Tenjiku.

The other is the love stat, which changes depending on choices you make throughout the journey as well as who you choose for each case.

Looks like it could be a lot of fun! It’s currently scheduled for release on the PS2 on August 13.

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NEWS – B’s Log May

March 23rd, 2009

Wow, new games! I’m writing more about the games in separate posts, but for now here are the highlights:

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