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English otome game reviews incoming!

September 5th, 2016

It’s been quite a while since I posted, and I’ve made some changes in my otome gaming fandom. I stopped ordering otome game magazines from Japan, so I’m not as aware of the new JP games coming out. I don’t mind this, because I’m also pulling back on ordering the games themselves. I’m trying to save money to pay off some debt, and though this is my only real hobby, it’s pretty expensive. I’m still hoping to get the games I want eventually, but I’d rather save up money for a trip to Japan and get them there without spending so much on shipping and customs (I just heard how much more we’re charged on customs in Canada compared to other countries, and guys, it makes me really sad) – especially since I like the extras.

Anyways, even if I don’t get new imported games, there’s still lots for me to talk about. Besides all the JP games I have that I haven’t played yet or thoroughly, there are more and more games coming out in English! And of course, all the mobile otome games. So I’m planning on focusing more on those for the next while.

To start off, here are some English otome games that I’m working on reviews for and where I’m playing them:

1931: Scheherezade at the Library of Pergamum (PC, Steam)
Hustle Cat (PC, Steam)
Backstage Pass (PC, Steam)
Cinders (PC, Steam)
Hatoful Boyfriend (PC, Steam)
Lucky Rabbit Reflex (PC, Steam)

And I’d like to review Amnesia and Code:Realize too, since I don’t think I reviewed the JP versions.

Also, Kickstarter has emerged as a pretty important way for developers to get the funding for otome games, so I’ll probably do some coverage of that as well – just today I backed a few really promising games:

Legend of Rune: A BL / Gay Visual Novel RPG
A Foretold Affair
Queen’s Crown
Cinderella Phenomenon – the studio making this game also has a free browser-based otome game that I’m currently enjoying a lot, Locked Heart.

Are there any games you think I’d enjoy that aren’t on my list yet? Please let me know!

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Ozmafia page up on Steam!

April 2nd, 2016

I noticed today that Ozmafia has a page on Steam, and the release date is April 29! Very exciting.

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Nameless – English otome game review

May 18th, 2015

It’s about time I reviewed an English otome game from Steam, since there are a few available now. I found out about Nameless from a friend of a friend who asked if I’d played the ‘doll otome game’. At first it sounded a bit weird, but this game is about ball-joint dolls who come to life – hey, anyone remember that old Otomate game Will o’ Wisp (great but short)? I wonder if it inspired this.

Anyways, Nameless starts off with our heroine Eri, a fairly normal Korean high school girl, who has lived alone for a year or so after her grandfather died. Her parents are both very busy scientists, so they live abroad and she was pretty much raised by her grandfather.

She’s always loved dolls, and over the last while, she’s been collecting very well-made but expensive ball-joint dolls made by a certain company, Crobidolls, who create personas for each one (check out that link y’all, all the Nameless characters are there!). She treats them very well, even talking to them while she does chores around the house, but she keeps it a secret from her friends, afraid they’ll find it weird.

One morning, she hears noises from the living room and goes in to find that they’ve all woken up and become human. They call her by name, and it takes her a while to even realize that these are her dolls. They remember everything she’s told them, and besides her shock, she’s embarrassed at how well they know her.

Nameless group

The dolls are (from left to right and then the short one)

Red (CV: Seong-tae Park) – An unpopular model, Red is the only one in existence. His character is that of a sentai hero (think Power Rangers). He’s energetic and open, and makes friends easily.

Lance (CV: Jaeheon Jung) – The cold but beautiful doll with long silver hair, Lance is the first doll Eri got. As a human he doesn’t show much emotion.

Tei (CV: Beomgi Hong) – also from the ‘older’ line, Tei is mature and calm in all situations. He also makes all the food.

Yuri (CV: Donghoon Lee) – From the adult line, Yuri is tall, dark and handsome – and he knows it. He flirts with Eri all the time, and is usually surrounded by women.

Yeon-ho (CV: Do-hyeong Hang) – The very cute and youngest-seeming doll, Yeon-ho is naive and fairly timid.

They don’t know why they turned human, but they all end up going to school with Eri – Yuri as a music teacher, Tei and Red in the third-year class, and Lance and Yeon-ho in second-year with Eri. They get treated like idols for their good looks, and Eri tries not to let the other students know how involved she is with them, even her best friends Soi (CV: Yeongeun Kim) and Shinbi (CV: Yul Kim). Soi is a boy-crazy girly girl with an extremely forceful personality, and Shinbi is a very good-looking model in the androgynous style, who is quiet but always says what she thinks. I love both of them.

Plotwise, you follow a fairly normal course of going to school, having some group episodes, a couple ‘date’ scenes, leading to conflict around the time of the school festival, and then resolution. However, the game definitely has a stronger overarching story than many others, which I can’t say much about to avoid spoilers.

I felt like the game was a decent length, and I had to pace myself instead of jumping from one story to the next, because I really wanted to finish everything – apparently I still may have missed something, though I’ve gotten through the ‘hidden’ route.

Though the game has a fantastic premise, there’s not much fantasy in the main storyline. What there is, is a lot of psychological drama – especially in the last route (which has to be Red, you have to complete everyone else’s route first), it was pretty agonizing by the end. The game builds up tension really well, showing hints here and there but not letting you see what’s really going on until the end.

Part of what makes this game great are the side characters. Soi and Shinbi are perfect foils for Eri, and Soi pretty much owns every scene she’s in (great voice acting too, though I can’t understand a word of Korean). Though she’s definitely a loud personality, you can’t dislike her, and her characterization is pretty deep.

Overall, I really liked Nameless. The art was very pretty, in a totally different style than most otome games, and from what I could tell the voice acting was really good too (Soi’s the best!) I thought I wouldn’t care about Lance or Yeon-ho at all, but I ended up enjoying their routes a lot. The plot was interesting and the storytelling was intense.

I recommend it! I haven’t played it, but the same company has another otome game on Steam called Dandelion which is next on my Steam list.

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