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January News!

January 4th, 2013

News from Girl’s Style:

I’m tired, but I’ll do B’s Log soon.

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B’s Log News – November 2010 Issue

October 1st, 2010

Other than Harutoki 4/5 news, B’s Log also had the following announcements:

New games/adaptations:

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August 2009 Magazine News!

August 24th, 2009

Finally got the August magazines, and yay! New games to talk about! There are several, so let’s jump right in, shall we?

First, a totally new title from Takuyo for the PS2, called Kaerabatake de Tsukamaete. It’s set in the city of Tsukiyado, where some environmental problems have caused some of the residents (the heroine and the guys) to become were-frogs!!? For some reason B’s Log has a fan-servicey picture of the heroine, enough that I checked whether it was an otome game or not, but it is! Also interesting, it seems that there are 6 guys, 3 are shown in B’s Log and 3 in Girl’s Style. So far, only a couple of colour pics and line drawings of the characters, whose designs are by Hirose Azumi.

Uta no Prince-sama (PSP) is a new game from Broccoli and Nippon Ichi scheduled for 2010. The heroine attends an entertainment school, and the object of the game is to choose a potential idol to team up with as his songwriter, and work towards graduating, which means a successful audition. Character designs are by Kurahana Chinatsu, and we already know the OP is by Miyano Mamoru!

There’s also a maybe-not-otome game called Dear Girl Stories Hibiki (DS) from ASCII Media Works. It’s based on a comic of the same name, which originated from some radio shows that Ono Daisuke and Kamiya Hiroshi do together. The comic is about the seiyuu (or their characters?) helping out girls who write in with their love problems to a radio show. Of course “Hiro-C” and “Ono-D” will be in this, as well as Yusa Kouji as their boss Tera Ikemen, and several other characters with as yet unnamed seiyuu (who I guess might be the characters you can ‘get’). It already has a release date of December 17.

And lastly, a new Hoshi no Oujo title! The fifth title in the very-loosely connected R18 series (PC only of course!) from Mirai is tentatively called Hoshi no Oujo Oiran, is set in the Bakumatsu era, and is slated for 2010.

Of course, there are some really nice-looking cell-phone games as well, but I won’t torture myself or you by talking about them *sniff*…let’s focus on the bright side with all these new games to look forward to!

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e’tude prologue! Way old but fun

April 29th, 2009

Yeah, so I’m taking a break on VitaminZ for a little while (it has SO much content!), and have started e’tude prologue portable – since it’s on the PSP I play it in bed :P The graphics are the same (same backgrounds and, for common characters, same designs) as Little Aid. The game itself is one of the few boy-or-girl lead character games that came out in the 90’s. You pick which one you want to be, and if you’re a girl, you can go for the guy characters, and vice versa if you’re the guy.
The two title characters, Hitomi and Tatsuya, have a history together – they dated for a while before the game’s timeframe. You can choose to ‘still like’ the other one and try to get back together, or go for one of the other 4 or 5 prospects. When picking Hitomi, you get a little prologue of how she was the tennis team’s ace, but got beaten by someone and quit the team. Now she’s studying to get into a really hard university and wondering if it’s the right choice.
There’s a lot of dialogue in the game, and frankly some of it is pretty boring. Since there are all the possible female love interests as well as the male ones around, you get introduced and can have scenes with them a lot. However, after the long intro (which you can skip after the first time), you really only have to play through two weeks to Valentine’s Day.
There are a few minigames, including a blackjack one and an ‘identify that book’ one where you get the title and have to work out where a certain book is in the library, but honestly I have no idea what they do. I only did them when the guy I was interested in wasn’t on the map (you choose where to go and can see character icons of who’s in that scene). I really don’t know how it affects the outcome – same with how you choose to do an activity at your part-time job – I have no idea how this affects things either.

I’ve only finished one route so far but it was pretty simple to complete. It’s obvious that this is an early game – the epilogue is about three sentences long, and during the whole route I think I got about 3 CG’s. However, the seiyuu are definitely recognizable (Ono Daisuke is, of course, the be-fuku’ed Sawatou-kun) and it’s enjoyable. I wouldn’t exactly recommend this, but if you really like the characters in Little Aid you might want to play this and see their earlier years.

Now I’ll try to go and finish some more of VitaminZ…I dunno why I feel like I can’t write a review of that till I finish almost everything, but I write about this after playing only one route, heh.

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Skip Beat! game and other news

February 16th, 2009

Yup, I finally (finally!!!) got something in the mail – the newest Girl’s Style and a two latest Cool-B’s. Cool-B is a gaming mag that is slightly more focused on Boys Love games, and is also more *ahem* adult (like, if you’re underage, please don’t order it, or your parents will inevitably find it and think that you’re being corrupted by videogames :P ).

Himehibi 2

Anyways, three new games were announced, the first is Skip Beat! based on the comic by Nakamura Yoshiki (anyone remember Tokyo Crazy Paradise? I loved that series), that’s currently running in Hana to Yume. 5pb will be publishing that one in the spring for the Playstation 2. The second new game is Himehibi 2 from Takuyo for the PS2, which I’m quite happy about because I really liked the first one. Plus, one of the characters you can get is the class clown guy from the first one whom I really liked. And the last new game is Kram from Ribbon Magic. It’s kind of a sequel to Crep Sidra, their first all-ages game for the PC, which I haven’t played since I heard that the story wasn’t fully explained. Maybe we’ll find out all the answers in this game? It has a different protagonist though, apparently she was a side character in Crep Sidra. Kram is scheduled for a summer release for the PC.

Skip Beat

Other news:

That’s about it for announcements, I also found some more info on Ore ga Omae o Mamoru and Love Loop, so I’ll make separate posts for those.

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Sawato-senpai! and Takuyo games

January 11th, 2009

Yay, I finally finished Sawato-senpai’s route in Little Aid! I found this guide to work just fine, the only change is that the last decision is on the 21st, not the 22nd.

It’s interesting, Little Aid, actually all the Takuyo games, seem to kind of be interconnected. The first one I played was Panic Palette, where Sawato-senpai is a side character. Looking at the Takuyo website I recognized him in Little Aid. And now playing Little Aid, several side characters seem like they have a backstory of their own (that you don’t find out about in Little Aid). After doing a little digging, I found out that Little Aid is set at the same high school as e’tude prologue but one year later! So now I have to go and order e’tude prologue – stuff like this always pulls me in even if the links are pretty weak.  I guess it’s a good thing that companies keep adapting their old games for new systems, because e’tude prologue first came out in 1998!!

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My new games…two new and one oldie!

December 9th, 2008

RR banner
My Real Rode should be here any day now, squee! I’m very very excited for this game, not just because I’m an RPG geek, but because this looks like it could actually be a well-done RPG otome game, and those are way too rare. In fact, the only ones I can think of are Harutoki 3 and 4 (do 1 and 2 count? hmm…) Some games have RPG elements (like stat-raising through fighting a la Mizu no Senritsu 2) but not enough that I’d consider them RPGs. Koiyuuki tried hard…but wasn’t successful.

And also, I’m FINALLY, after several *years*, getting Little Aid! I was looking back at my old B’s Log from last year, and found a guide to Panic Palette, which I had mostly done but not totally, and I got the two characters which I wanted but missed the first time, Nainagi and Nuinuma. They’re the sempai guys who are friends with Sawato (the dancing sailor fuku guy from Little Aid), and a lot of their events include Sawato. They also talk about a lot of people from Little Aid as well, so it’s good timing that I’m finally getting it and can see who all these people are. I should get it in time to bring it home for Christmas holidays (it’s on PSP).

And lastly, I ordered True Fortune from Enterbrain. It’s been out a few months, and seems to be popular so I thought I’d give it a try. Another school romance! Real Rode will be a nice change between playing Panic Palette, Little Aid and True Fortune.

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