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Tokimemo Girls Side Premium 3rd Story

November 3rd, 2012

One of the reasons I haven’t been blogging much lately is that I’ve been sucked back into Tokimemo GS3 for the PSP, and though it’s really fun it takes a looonnng time! I don’t know if anyone’s interested, but I might do some short posts on tips I’ve learned, since there are so many seemingly random parts that aren’t, and so many things to keep in mind. Even though there are great wiki guides for the games, they’re in Japanese and I think they might be hard to navigate for the average English-speaking player? If not just let me know.

I think I might first do an intro post on the PSP version and what’s different from the DS games, and maybe show the guys and their basic info. I’ve posted a bit on that before so I might link back to that as well.

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Upcoming Game Vids

September 23rd, 2012

For a request! I love doing these posts, it’s a change from my long texty rambles.

24ji no Cinderella
I’m hoping to get this this week, yay!

The VitaminZ fandisk, Graduation! Mostly a mashup of them in their new outfits.

Here are a couple of teaser movies (not the OP and not a promo, so not as much material) for some of the newest announced games,

Princess Arthur:

and Norn9.

School Wars
I love that the heroine is holding a big AK47 in the beginning – though I don’t think I’ve seen any CGs with it.

Hyakki Yakou



I don’t really like the slow pace of the PV, so here’s the OP as well (as one commenter says, it’s reminiscent of the anime themes from the 90’s).

Confidential Money – I’m not really interested in this, but I like the video – it’s different than the usual montage, and shows what the characters roles are in the team pretty well.

Diabolik Lovers
This one’s gonna be a hit. I’m not getting it right away though.

And Koezaru wa Akai Hana, the newest R18 game which I’m waiting for now (we’ll see how long Customs holds it up). I like the music and the art is pretty cute, and I’m hoping it’s good.

Tokimemo 1&2 are being released very cheaply in a double pack this year (4500Y for both).
Here’s OP1 – I didn’t know B’z did the song, they’re pretty huge

and OP2

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Tokimemo GS3 PSP!

April 21st, 2012

I got it a couple days ago and am going for Ruka first. I never finished his route on the DS even though I like him quite a bit – I always seemed to get pulled into love triangles and then go for Kou :P

Skinship is pretty different here – all the guesswork is taken out, but instead there’s a timing challenge to get more hearts, which I actually find kind of harder than the DS version. I haven’t gotten to the point where I can choose koakuma or angel yet, but I can’t wait – I hear the angel side is similar to the DS so I’ll probably do mostly koakuma (like I wasn’t going to anyways).

The animation does make it feel much more interactive – character expressions match what they’re saying really well (I think better than the DS version…) and of course the better picture and sound of the PSP helps a lot as well. The CGs are so smooth!

I haven’t seen the new guy, Hasumi, yet – I think he might only transfer in for the last year.

Oh, and one last thing I’ve noticed – the birthday presents are different! Not too hard to guess though.

I’m not even done my first year, so still lots of playing time to get through and see what’s different.

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Early 2012 in Otome Games – Looking forward

January 26th, 2012

Since my B’s Log STILL hasn’t arrived, I figured I’d do an upcoming games post, which I was originally planning for Friday.

The next few months are pretty good for otome games, not only are there several new games coming out, but several with interesting GAMEPLAY. I know it’s a remake, but the PSP Tokimemo GS3 looks awesome, and I can’t wait for the otome Atelier game!! Alchemy!! Also Hakuouki Musou, I don’t know if I’ll pre-order it, but I hope it’s good. Don’t know if it will have romance in it though. I never did buy the action adventure game Otomate put out where you go through dungeons – Ore wa Omae ga Mamoru, I think it was? Oh, and I’m really looking forward to Koi Sentai, especially after enjoying Hotokensaa (though I’m still hoping for a fandisk or something there…). I listened to the first drama CD over the holidays and it was cute. And let’s not forget Jyuuzaengi! History and catboys, what more do you need?

Here’s the list, what are you interested in?

Kannou Mukashibanashi
Renai Banchou 2
Tokyo Yamanote Boys Jelly Beans

VitaminX Detective
Beastmaster FD PSP
Midnight Bells and Cinderella
Hakuouki Musou
Hitofuta Kihyou
[R18] PersonA

Utapuri Debut
Tokimemo GS3 psp
Ouma ga Toki
Hanaoni FD
Atelier Elkrone
Amnesia FD

Armen Noir PSP
Exorcism of Maria FD
Soukoku no Kusabi Hiiro no Kakera 3 FD
Brothers Conflict Passion Pink
Bloody Call FD – tentative
Starry Sky After Winter
Black Wolves Saga Bloody Nightmare
Tokyo Yamanote Boys Fresh Ginger

May (spring)
Kamisama to Koigokoro
Kimikare New
Koi Sentai
Xechs FD PSP
Harutoki 5 FD
Miyako FD
Akai Suna Ochiru Tsuki

Oh, and a Tokimemo PV just came out, so here it is! I gotta say, the animation looks really good here:


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New release videos

January 12th, 2012

Some promotional vids for games coming out soon:

Kannou Mukashibanashi, the sexy fairytale game. I dunno whether I’ll get this right away or not, I’m not sure if it will be good or a flop like Mother Goose.

Renai Banchou 2 – Midnight Lesson
I’m pretty sure I’m getting this. I was interested in the ura “reverse” banchou in the first one, and they’ve added Host and Yankee Banchou (Morikawa Toshiyuki and Yoshino Hiroyuki) as well!

Midnight Bells and Cinderella ~Halloween Wedding~
Looks like fun so I’m getting this…but maybe not at first (I was just thinking of starting up Peter Pan again).

Tokyo Yamanote Boys Sweet Jelly Beans
At first I thought this was a fandisk, then I thought it was just all three original games together. Neither of those is quite right – it’s a fandisk where the guys group up differently, and you can get the murderer (Really?! Really.) Not to be confused with the three fandisks coming out later where there’s more one-on-one time with each guy.

Beyond the Future – Fix the Time Arrows
This is what I’m playing now (it’s handy to have it for PS3, and really nice on the big screen), but ouch! this PV is a bit cheesy, mostly in the part where they introduce the seiyuu.

And here’s a big one, Tokimemo GS 3! First an example of the Live2D gameplay:

And someone translated the OP for the DS game! It’s in bubbles. It’s over a year old so you may have found it, but just in case:

And now for something slightly different, Sengoku Basara:

This series of games (the vid is from the anime) is SOO popular, I feel like I should pay attention to it. Especially in doujinshi. There is SO MUCH Sengoku Basara doujinshi. And the games are always in B’s Log and Girls Style as well, so it’s obviously popular with the female market.

Anyways, that’s my disjointed post for midweek, on Friday I may have a review on Beyond the Future, or perhaps some musings on 2011/2012…haven’t decided yet!

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