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January 26th, 2009

Yup, so while I wait (and wait, and wait) for either my March mags or my new games, I’m finishing off a few old games!

I just finished True Fortune, which was very good, and Sorayume as well. Sorayume has some really interesting storylines, I wish some of them had been explored further – there are several paranormal plots interweaving which are intriguing. Also, Kyou-nii…I REALLY want to know what he does now. His ending almost seemed like a lead-in to a different game…

Now I’m doing Orange Honey, which I dipped into a while ago but totally forgot when something else came along because it’s kind of a low-key game. While je ne comprends pas why all the cute guys here are in love with the main character, it’s fun and the designs are nice. I’m only on my second trip through, so we’ll see how the stories are.

And I tried BOTH Fushigi Yuugi games! I didn’t get very far in Suzaku Ibun, even without the main character being Miaka I was getting annoyed – I think it’s residual trauma from watching the anime oh so long ago. In Kagami no Miko, I finished Takumi’s route, it was alright but felt very much like a sidestory to a main story (which I suppose it is). I haven’t read much of the manga for Genbu, so maybe I would have gotten more out of it if I had? I dunno, I don’t like reading manga for otome games (like Corda or Angelique) because then I start to like one character and don’t want the main character to choose anyone else.

I may finish Orange Honey, and if I do, I’m going to go do Last Escort 2 I think. Maybe it’s because I’m old myself (not THAT old!!), but I find games where the characters are beyond high school (chronologically and in terms of maturity) appeal to me.

One of these days I’ll make a list of all the games I’ve finished and rank them or something…hmm…yeah I’m bored XD

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My new games…two new and one oldie!

December 9th, 2008

RR banner
My Real Rode should be here any day now, squee! I’m very very excited for this game, not just because I’m an RPG geek, but because this looks like it could actually be a well-done RPG otome game, and those are way too rare. In fact, the only ones I can think of are Harutoki 3 and 4 (do 1 and 2 count? hmm…) Some games have RPG elements (like stat-raising through fighting a la Mizu no Senritsu 2) but not enough that I’d consider them RPGs. Koiyuuki tried hard…but wasn’t successful.

And also, I’m FINALLY, after several *years*, getting Little Aid! I was looking back at my old B’s Log from last year, and found a guide to Panic Palette, which I had mostly done but not totally, and I got the two characters which I wanted but missed the first time, Nainagi and Nuinuma. They’re the sempai guys who are friends with Sawato (the dancing sailor fuku guy from Little Aid), and a lot of their events include Sawato. They also talk about a lot of people from Little Aid as well, so it’s good timing that I’m finally getting it and can see who all these people are. I should get it in time to bring it home for Christmas holidays (it’s on PSP).

And lastly, I ordered True Fortune from Enterbrain. It’s been out a few months, and seems to be popular so I thought I’d give it a try. Another school romance! Real Rode will be a nice change between playing Panic Palette, Little Aid and True Fortune.

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True Fortune

September 3rd, 2008


This is a new game coming out from Enterbrain on September 25th for the PS2. It’s gotten a lot of hype due to its producer Sugiyama Ichirou, who produced Kimi Kiss, and the illustrator Hibiki Tamane (not certain on that first name).

True Fortune is set in high school, and the main character uses special tarot cards daily to predict what will happen. You choose a guy, and depending on the card that you get, different events will happen. There are 22 cards, so there’s a lot of possible outcomes. Also, there’s a conversation mechanic where you choose topics and get varying reactions which is apparently based on the one in Kimi Kiss.

I did a short list of the guys a while ago, but I thought I’d scan a relationship diagram, it makes the setup easy to understand.

Hoshimiya Jun CV: Miyano Mamoru
Yaguchi Yuu CV: Oda Hisafumi
Himukai Yousuke CV: Okamoto Hiroshi
Kisaragi Shinya CV: Sugita Tomokazu
Noma Takuto CV: Taniyama Kishou
Kido Taisei CV: Midorikawa Hikaru

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