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Weekend videos

March 17th, 2012

Some new vids out:

Vampire Sweetie, the R18 game from Sugar Beans that looks really sweet (I’m hoping it actually is)

Arabian’s Lost – it’s all showing CGs. I wonder if they removed the gameplay T.T

Kami-sama to Koigokoro – the new game from Takuyo where you’re a novice and fall for priests-in-training (and one actual priest I believe)

Bakudan Handan, coming in June about the niece of Inspector Layton(IIRC) and a bomb scare in an amusement park.

Jyuzaengi! Cat people in ancient China! And look, the PV has some animation. I think I’m pre-ordering this.

The new R18 game PersonA based on Phantom of the Opera.

Hitofuta Kihyou coming from Profitrolle March 28 for the PC.

Brothers Conflict Passion Pink, for the first half of the new stepbrother romance.

And finally, one adaptation, I want to get this but I have the PS2 versions…

Scarred Rider Xechs + fandisk portable

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Vampire Sweetie – Sugar Beans

September 4th, 2010

Sugar Beans has opened a site for its newest R18 title, Vampire Sweetie. It will be full-voiced including the heroine, and is scheduled for F2010 right now (probably no earlier than November). I’m kind of looking forward to this, the main character Yuuri doesn’t look like a doormat the way whatsherface from Ijiwaru My Master did, hopefully she will actually have a personality and not just be an annoying victim! Yuuri is taking care of a summer home that her family owns, including four renters staying there. The four renters also happen to be brothers and high-ranking vampires!

The cast is:
Faust: Sakiware Spoon : The oldest brother, he likes drinking and is quite old (vampire and all that)
Mikhail: Sakura Hiroshi : The second oldest, the element of darkness is very strong in him, so he’s weak against light. He doesn’t show much emotion.
Yuuri: Toomi Haruka : She’s cheerful and takes care of people, and has a strong heart.
Aron Valente: Kijima Uta : The third brother, he’s strong with light, so often spends time outside.
Joshua Valente: Yuuki Takuto : The spoiled youngest brother. He can talk to animals.

Of course, these names are R18-specific names, if you want to know who they really are you’ll have to search a bit ^_^ But some hints: Sakiware Spoon was Asou in Jingi Naki Otome, and Kijima Uta was Yuki in Sumire no Tsubomi. I actually don’t know the other two at all, so if anyone knows, please leave info in the comments!

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