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Fall Game Videos

September 23rd, 2013

LAst post I did was a preview of fall games – and here are their ads and/or OPs in case you want to see what they’re like! Some didn’t have much choice – Hanasaku Manimani I couldn’t find a good video for at all unfortunately.

EDIT – Can’t believe I forgot Dot Kareshi II!

Meiji Tokyo Renka

Thu 9/26/2013 – Seishun Hajimemashita!

Hyaku Monogatari

Fri 9/27/2013 – Exorcism of Maria Complete Edition

Dousei Kareshi Butterfly Lip

Kamigami no Asobi:

Diabolik Lovers Fandisk – More, Blood

New Edition Heart no Kuni no Alice

Glass Heart Princess: Platinum

Snow Bound Land

Jewelic Nightmare:
This might my favourite video of the bunch!

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May 4th, 2013

It’s the weekend!!! This has been a long week, so to help relax I found some videos of upcoming otome games. These are my favourite type of posts (and the fastest to write!).

Tiny x Machine Gun coming out May 30! Set in NYC and with a voiced heroine who’s a young police officer with Vaneast (which always makes me think of Vancouver), Tiny Mc(Mac?)Daniel (CV: Tamura Yukari). It was a long time in development but I can’t wait to play it. The website is also very cool for a Flash site.

Princess Arthur

Yeah, it’s out already, I’ve finished it, but I loved it, so here it is! The music is great and I loved the characters.


Toki no Kizuna Fandisk

Toki no Kizuna Hanayui Tsuzuri comes out July 25, and like the original looks to have gorgeous art. I didn’t think the romance was done that well, but it’s very dramatic and the characters themselves were pretty good (I’ve only done two routes so far.)



Coming out very soon, May 23, there’s lots of excitement about this one! The overarching plot is still mysterious (to me anyways), I hope the story is good. Norn9 also has three voiced heroines!


Shiratsuyu no Kai

Kind of horror, kind of supernatural? The heroine is taken to an overnight ‘kimodameshi’ at a remote shrine by the guys, planning on telling ghost stories until the sun rises. But they find something really old and terrible through a hidden door to the underground, and though they leave, it leaves a mark on the heroine, bringing the guys back, pulled by their ‘destinies’. Interesting to see something where the atmosphere is this creepy; the only other otoge I can remember trying this psychological horror is Kurayami de Kimi o Matsu (which btw, I think would be right up Aksys’ alley if they wanted another game to adapt.) I think I’ll play this one during the daytime only.


Urakata Hakuoki

Finally a totally new Hakuoki! New characters, new heroine (YAYYYYY!), new artstyle. Comes out May 30; that reminds me, I need to order it!


Getsuei no Kusari

This is the first new game from Takuyo in almost a year, the art is really interesting. I got the game (actually I mistakenly ordered two copies…anyone interested in buying it from me?) but haven’t played it yet.



I think this one is fairly straightforward; a game to enjoy the purity and innocence of your first boyfriend (or what you nostalgically remember as purity and innocence perhaps, lol)


0 ji no Cinderella

I’ve been anticipating this one since October when I finished 24ji. I like all the sisters, and Elise seems to have hidden depths. I’m having a hard time deciding who to go for first though – would Halloween ruin me for other routes?? Would Ralph be too straightforward? I might do Elmer or Astin just to see what the game is like, then enjoy my two favourites at leisure :D These games are fairly short so I don’t think I’ll have a problem finishing them.



Yes, it was pushed back to June 28, but just look at how cute those character designs are! I am going to play this ALL THE TIME as soon as I get it. There’s a demo available for download now, just click the pink button!


Dot Kareshi

Mostly a situation CD series with a little game added on (I’m not sure how it will be sold), it’s about old-school RPG characters that ‘went wrong’ after you played the game – from being neglected or just from falling in love, I’m not sure. I hope the game is at least medium-sized, the idea is just awesome. It would be amazing to play an old-school-type Final Fantasy where the characters interact with you between fights and while you wander and stuff (but still using the 8-bit world map etc.!)


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Upcoming Game Vids

September 23rd, 2012

For a request! I love doing these posts, it’s a change from my long texty rambles.

24ji no Cinderella
I’m hoping to get this this week, yay!

The VitaminZ fandisk, Graduation! Mostly a mashup of them in their new outfits.

Here are a couple of teaser movies (not the OP and not a promo, so not as much material) for some of the newest announced games,

Princess Arthur:

and Norn9.

School Wars
I love that the heroine is holding a big AK47 in the beginning – though I don’t think I’ve seen any CGs with it.

Hyakki Yakou



I don’t really like the slow pace of the PV, so here’s the OP as well (as one commenter says, it’s reminiscent of the anime themes from the 90’s).

Confidential Money – I’m not really interested in this, but I like the video – it’s different than the usual montage, and shows what the characters roles are in the team pretty well.

Diabolik Lovers
This one’s gonna be a hit. I’m not getting it right away though.

And Koezaru wa Akai Hana, the newest R18 game which I’m waiting for now (we’ll see how long Customs holds it up). I like the music and the art is pretty cute, and I’m hoping it’s good.

Tokimemo 1&2 are being released very cheaply in a double pack this year (4500Y for both).
Here’s OP1 – I didn’t know B’z did the song, they’re pretty huge

and OP2

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Post-Weekend videos!

August 20th, 2012

I’m sitting here watching Toki no Kizuna scroll by (almost done two characters and going to post after that), and I thought I’d post these vids as well.


Grimm the Bounty Hunter

I haven’t quite finished Adolf’s route yet, but it’s pretty fun.

Issho ni Gohan

This is really cute, too bad it’s unfocused.

Genroh PV

I’m really hoping this is good, although recent games have lowered my expectations…I just love the character designs.

Arabian’s Lost

Yay! It’s as fun as I remember, and the new art is definitely nicer. For me it strikes a nice balance between gameplay and story.

Toki no Kizuna

Going through this now – as you can see the art is gorgeous. And I love the voice cast.

Custom Drive

This is actually available through the PlayStation Network! If you’re in Japan, that is.

Edit: The Butterfly vid was removed, so here’s another treat – a preview of Hana Awase!

Butterly Lip/Gloss/Rouge

One route per game, I hope it’s worth it. It seems to be targeting a more mature crowd, maybe there’ll be lots of adult drama.

24ji no Cinderella

I got 12ji just to play this, and I really enjoyed it, so I can’t wait for this one! Already orderd the deluxe set.

Oh, one last link to a vid – the VitaminZ fandisk!

And that’s it for now!

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Midweek vids

May 16th, 2012

Because I’m tired! And I’ve been meaning to post PVs for the last couple weeks and I keep forgetting…

Brothers Conflict is finally out, I might get it next week.

Toki no Kizuna!! Not a PV just the opening, but it’s the first vid I’ve seen for it. It’s SO PRETTY. And the heroine has a hawk! Can’t wait.

A gameplay vid of Black Wolves Saga. Rejet has a bunch up. I’m afraid to play this…

Hana Awase!! It says near the end that there will be three volumes at only 1470Y each, for Mizuchi (the eyepatch guy), Himeutsugi, and Karekurenagi/Utsutsu. Does this mean that Iroha (guy with the blue background) doesn’t have a route??

And a very well-drawn fanvid for TMGS3 (Seiji), no words:

Man, there are so many Tokimemo videos, I could do a whole post on them. Good time-wasting.

Jyuzaengi. The first 45 seconds are just announcing the seiyuu, so skip over that to get to the real PV (although honestly it seems like they’re mostly making really sure we see that the CGs have flowing hair and blinking eyes). I dunno about Ishida Akira’s character, his little kid voice here sounds pretty annoying.

And finally, Bakudan Handan:

Which I’m definitely getting, although I have a feeling I’ll end up only doing about half the routes.

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Weekend videos

March 17th, 2012

Some new vids out:

Vampire Sweetie, the R18 game from Sugar Beans that looks really sweet (I’m hoping it actually is)

Arabian’s Lost – it’s all showing CGs. I wonder if they removed the gameplay T.T

Kami-sama to Koigokoro – the new game from Takuyo where you’re a novice and fall for priests-in-training (and one actual priest I believe)

Bakudan Handan, coming in June about the niece of Inspector Layton(IIRC) and a bomb scare in an amusement park.

Jyuzaengi! Cat people in ancient China! And look, the PV has some animation. I think I’m pre-ordering this.

The new R18 game PersonA based on Phantom of the Opera.

Hitofuta Kihyou coming from Profitrolle March 28 for the PC.

Brothers Conflict Passion Pink, for the first half of the new stepbrother romance.

And finally, one adaptation, I want to get this but I have the PS2 versions…

Scarred Rider Xechs + fandisk portable

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Weekend videos!

February 18th, 2012

I’ve been so focused on Hakuoki (one friend already downloaded it and is playing through it intensely, I love it), I haven’t been doing too much new gaming, though I picked up Uta no Prince-sama again and am finally working through Otoya’s route. I tried to find a PV for the new game coming up, Debut, but couldn’t find any. Oh well! Since I did upcoming PV’s last week, I thought I’d put up some vids that are a little different.

Party games! I’m thinking of putting out my only “party” otome game (now I wish I’d bought the Hakuoki one!) but I’ve never actually played it.

First, Hakuoki Yuugiroku – after the 1.5 minute mark it shows more of the games:

And B’s Log Party, which I have:

Hah, does anyone remember Hanayoi Romanesque Ai to Kanashimi: Sore wa Kimi no Tame no Aria? It was interesting.

I thought Takuyo Mix Box would be good too, but it seems that it’s only an intro of several of their games. Too bad, because their games have some fun mini-games.

Speaking of Hiiro no Kakera (you watched the last vid right?), my friend reminded me of the futuristic Hiiro no Kakera last night. For anyone who’s played Hiiro no Kakera, the seiyuu for #1 and #4 are the same, but they REALLY change their voices (except Sugita, his is similar ^_^). I remembered a vid I saw that actually shows their voices to compare – I wish the clips were a little longer, but it does the job.

Hiiro no Kakera Koe Kurabe

Lastly, did anyone ever watch Rurouni Kenshin? It was one of the first anime I really got into, and I got ALL the fansubs – way back when they were on VHS! Picture my shock when I hear that, after all this time, they’re making a live-action movie for it. And even more shocking, it looks like it might be decent!

Kenshin movie trailer

I also found a bunch of Hakuoki fan vids, I might put some up later, although most require Japanese ability to understand.

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Weekend Videos

February 4th, 2012

I couldn’t get these up yesterday as I had important things to do *cough*Assassin’sCreed2*cough*, but here are some videos for upcoming games. OH, and I found out that Diabolik Lovers, the vampire drama CD series, is being made into a game by Rejet and Otomate.

Midnight Bells & Cinderella

Hakuouki Bakumatsu Musouroku

This one is pretty good for showing the action gameplay, although it doesn’t seem as if there’s any otome stuff in it unfortunately. You do get to play “What if” scenarios where historical enemies like the Shinsengumi and Joui Shishi team up, or the Shinsengumi and Chikage (not historical but enemies in the original) join forces.
At the end of the vid they show what you get with the limited edition, and it includes a little fake katana! Or maybe it’s a wakizashi, I can’t tell the difference.

Atelier Elkrone
Uh, I found a PV of this and thought it would be great to have some gameplay info, but this looks like any visual novel PV, there’s no gameplay shown at all. I hope some comes out soon…

Ouma ga Toki
It’s a visual novel, but I’m excited about it because the characters and setting sound really good (high school = ok, supernatural high school = much better!). Look at the homepage, right up in the left corner there’s a girl holding her own head.

Harutoki 5 Fandisk
I wish #4 had gotten a proper fandisk, but oh well. I’m sure I’ll get this sometime.

Strobe Mania
And lastly, I never put a Strobe Mania vid up, so here’s one – looks like there’s a bit of detective gameplay and I just ordered it, yay!

Kimi ni Todoke – I was catching up on the manga a few days ago (how can it be so long and not feel like it’s dragging yet??) and wondered what the game was like so I found this vid – it looks like you can get events, and maybe endings?, with not just Kazehaya but Ryuu and Kento too. I wonder if it would feel wrong not going for Kazehaya.

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New release videos

January 12th, 2012

Some promotional vids for games coming out soon:

Kannou Mukashibanashi, the sexy fairytale game. I dunno whether I’ll get this right away or not, I’m not sure if it will be good or a flop like Mother Goose.

Renai Banchou 2 – Midnight Lesson
I’m pretty sure I’m getting this. I was interested in the ura “reverse” banchou in the first one, and they’ve added Host and Yankee Banchou (Morikawa Toshiyuki and Yoshino Hiroyuki) as well!

Midnight Bells and Cinderella ~Halloween Wedding~
Looks like fun so I’m getting this…but maybe not at first (I was just thinking of starting up Peter Pan again).

Tokyo Yamanote Boys Sweet Jelly Beans
At first I thought this was a fandisk, then I thought it was just all three original games together. Neither of those is quite right – it’s a fandisk where the guys group up differently, and you can get the murderer (Really?! Really.) Not to be confused with the three fandisks coming out later where there’s more one-on-one time with each guy.

Beyond the Future – Fix the Time Arrows
This is what I’m playing now (it’s handy to have it for PS3, and really nice on the big screen), but ouch! this PV is a bit cheesy, mostly in the part where they introduce the seiyuu.

And here’s a big one, Tokimemo GS 3! First an example of the Live2D gameplay:

And someone translated the OP for the DS game! It’s in bubbles. It’s over a year old so you may have found it, but just in case:

And now for something slightly different, Sengoku Basara:

This series of games (the vid is from the anime) is SOO popular, I feel like I should pay attention to it. Especially in doujinshi. There is SO MUCH Sengoku Basara doujinshi. And the games are always in B’s Log and Girls Style as well, so it’s obviously popular with the female market.

Anyways, that’s my disjointed post for midweek, on Friday I may have a review on Beyond the Future, or perhaps some musings on 2011/2012…haven’t decided yet!

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Angelique First Impressions and Friday Videos

December 9th, 2011

I finally got Angelique Six Knights, and have been playing a fair bit, but really haven’t gotten too far – apparently the first time around you have to do the non-romance route, and I haven’t even finished that yet. I’m still getting acquainted with all the knight captains, and the battle and bad guy(s?) haven’t shown up yet. Here are my impressions of the knight captains.

Kain (CV: Morikawa Toshiyuki) – the oldest knight captain, he’s the defacto leader when Leviath isn’t around. He’s mature and intelligent, and his company is the Dark Crown Knights.

Kiefer (CV: Hirata Hiroaki)- a snobby jerk, although he does have a point when he complains about the unfitting behaviour of Giovanni and Gerhart. His company is the Sharp Ice Knights, and he actually keeps them in line by whipping whoever comes in last during sparring.

Gerhart (CV: Hiyama Nobuyuki) – a big sweetheart, his company the Sea Dragon Knights are apparently former pirates, and one of them is his sister Maria, who becomes friends with Theresa as the only other young woman at the fortress. He’s often drinking and gambling with Giovanni, though he always loses.

Giovanni (CV: Morikubo Shoutarou) – a casual flirt, he always wins when Gerhart gambles with him. He likes it when the heroine puts herself in the middle of things like trying to stop a fight. His company are the Shining Light Knights (or something like that).

Eugene (CV: Ono Daisuke) – the knight captain who likes the heroine the least at first – Kiefer treats her with contempt but Eugene almost kills her and definitely wants her out of the fortress, his company is the Moonlight Knights who focus more on magic than fighting. After a while it seems that it’s more that he doesn’t like new people, and he warms up to Theresa faster than Kiefer.

Shona (CV: Kaji Yuuki) – not the most socially adept person but he’s quite perceptive. His company is the Fallen Angel Knights.

Leviath (CV: Narita Ken) – the leader of everyone, he seems cold but has shown some moments of warmth. He looks just like Renoux’s dead/missing brother.

And since this was pretty short, I thought I’d throw in some videos.

First up, Omochabako no Kuni no Alice, coming out this month:

Beyond the Future – I pre-ordered this one, probably won’t be playing it until after Christmas:

The newest game from Rejet, collaborating with the creators of Are You Alice:
Tiny x Machine Gun

A bunch of UtaPuri playing videos, this one is only one song on hard, but it brings up a bunch of other ones as well:

Black Wolves Saga, also from Rejet in 2012, which they’ve been tweeting about incessantly:

It’s about werewolves, and it seems pretty dark.

And Strobe Mania, which I TOTALLY forgot about, I think it’s out already:

Finally, for anyone who’s a Gintama fan (I know it’s 50% toilet humour, 30% meta, and only 20% amazing story arcs, but I just can’t quit it), here is something we would all love to see – don’t even pretend you wouldn’t buy this! (though the video is eight minutes long, the relevant part is only the first two)

Next week I’ll hopefully have a Gekkan post up, and perhaps a Peter Pan one as well!

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