Prequel to LOVE.101 - Ivan Petrovsky


Scene: A second-floor bedroom in a small suburban house. Loud music plays, drowning out everything else.


Ivan's mom:  ...van! Ivan!

The music continues.
Someone pounds on the bedroom door.

Ivan's mom: Ivan!

Ivan is sitting on his twin bed, with a number of CDs laid out in front of him. He looks up, annoyed.

Ivan: What? Can't you tell I'm busy?!

Ivan's mom: There's someone on the phone for you!

Ivan: (annoyed) The phone? Why don't they call my cell?

Ivan's mom: It's your father.

Ivan: ...

Ivan's mom: ...He wants to talk to you before you leave.

Ivan: ...Well, I don't want to talk to him!

Ivan's mom:  Ivan…just give him a few minutes. Please?

Ivan: ...Fine. 

Ivan's mom walks away.
Ivan gets up, scowling. He opens the door and stomps down the stairs. Ivan enters the kitchen, where his mom is making dinner, and picks up the phone lying on the table.

Ivan: ...Yeah?

Ivan's dad: Ivan? Is that you?

Ivan rolls his eyes.

Ivan: No--you must have the wrong number. There's no Ivan here.

Ivan's mom:  Ivan!

Ivan's dad: (sighs) Ivan. So are you all ready for your trip? 

Ivan rolls his eyes.

Ivan: Yeah, yeah. I have all my stuff.

Ivan's dad: That's good. 


Ivan: Is that it?

Ivan's dad: No...I just wanted to wish you good luck. And be careful, will you?

Ivan: (sighs heavily)  Gimme a break. I'm going to university, not a warzone.

Ivan's dad: Well, still...just know that we're here for you if you need anything.

Ivan: What, like you were there for us 10 years ago?

Ivan's dad: ...

Ivan's mom:  Ivan...

Ivan's dad: (quietly) You know I'm sorry about that.

Ivan: Yeah, whatever. I'll be fine, okay?

Ivan's dad: Okay. Have a good trip.

Ivan: Bye. (hangs up)

Ivan's mom:  ...Ivan. You still haven't forgiven him?

Ivan turns to her angrily.

Ivan: Why did YOU forgive him?! It's you he walked out on!

A silence stretches out for several seconds.

Ivan's mom:  There are some things you have to forgive in order to move on with your life.

Ivan: …Whatever.

He looks at the vegetables on the counter.

Ivan: ...Do you need any help?

Ivan's mom smiles at him.

Ivan's mom:  No, dear. But thank you. You finish your packing.

(Ivan goes back upstairs with heavy steps and turns the music back up)

The next day, at the bus station.

Ivan crouches down, pushing a large suitcase into the bus hold. He swings an old duffle bag over his shoulder. His mom is standing beside him, a bit teary-eyed.

Ivan's mom:(a litle sniffly) Do you have all your luggage, honey?

Ivan: Of course I do. You helped me pack it, remember?

Ivan's mom:  Yes, but you never know...

Ivan: (smirks a bit) I have my stereo. That's the most important thing.

Ivan's mom: (smiles) Oh, Ivan. Be safe, and call once you've gotten in!

Ivan: I will. (hugs her)

He turns and heads toward the train, but stops dead as he sees someone waiting.

Ivan's dad: ...Ivan.

Ivan: ...Dad.

Ivan's dad: I...wanted to come see you off.

Ivan: (a little sarcastically) Well, here I am.

Ivan's dad: Here you are. (pauses)

*The station master calls for the bus to Beaumal*

Ivan: That's my bus. I need to go.

Ivan's dad: Yes…well, have a good trip. (he shakes his hand awkwardly)

Ivan: …Yeah. See you later, Dad.

Ivan swings a bag over his shoulder and walks to the bus. He climbs into the vehicle.

Though the windows are tinted, his dad and mom, a little separated, watch as the bus is loaded and the doors clack shut.

Ivan drops himself into a window seat and sighs. He watches his parents through the glass for a while, then pulls out headphones and puts them on. He stares out the window again.

A middle-aged man sits beside him. The man looks at Ivan as if to start a conversation, but Ivan ignores him to stare out the window.

The bus driver starts the engine. After checking his mirrors, he pulls out of the bay, turning in a wide arc.

Ivan doesn't turn his head. He resolutely watches the scenery as the bus turns onto the street and rumbles down the long road.